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FertAg Factsheet

November 2022

Soil Health, Fertility and Sustainability
FertAg 0-8-0 is a fused calcium magnesium silicate phosphate (known as FMP) soil amendment / fertilizer that has been used successfully around the world for the last century and in AUSTRALIA for some 30 years in low fertility acid soils where it increases pH and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) and provides and helps unlock P in the soil. FertAg 0-7-0 is a granular version of FertAg.

WHY use FertAg ? because it provides soil amendment and fertilizer together in ONE application to acid soils. It assists in increasing ph to a sustainable level whilst providing useful amounts of macro elements Ca, Mg, Si and P as well as a range of micro nutrients. It is not water soluble therefore does not leach or wash away.

HOW is it different ? FertAg 0-8-0 is made from naturally occurring minerals not chemically treated. It works with the natural soil chemistry to digest soil acid as well as providing minerals in a plant available form. It is high in plant available calcium (24%), magnesium (10%) silicon (11%) and phosphorus (8%) and also acts as an alternative to lime.

WHERE can I use FertAg ? FertAg can be used as a starter in a crop or broadcast over pasture at any time of the year. Rates are based on results of a recent soil test. It is also suitable for use in horticulture and provides sweetness and improved shelf life to fruit and vegetables

WHAT results can I expect with FertAg ? As it has taken decades in some cases for soils to deterioate, change also takes sometime, but the sooner FertAg is applied the sooner it can get to work in the soil. Typically within 24 hours of application with some moisture FertAg will start to digest soil acid and provide macro nutrients to the plant. Farmers have reported better crop and pasture growth, healthier livestock (e.g. assists in prevention of grass tetany) in the months after application and positive improvements in soil test results for a more sustainable soil health.

WHY haven’t we heard of this before ? FertAg has been around for 8 years - FMP as it is known has been sold in Australia for many years but at much higher product pricing and therefore with limited use.

More information contact Les Szonyi phone 0418158185